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— A —

Bound by Blood and SandBound by Blood and Sand by Becky Allen (Book One of Two)
As water grows scarce in faraway Aredann, it is slated to be shut down and all its slaves (a caste called the Closest) left to die, while the more powerful Avowed are relocated to the central kingdom. Jae, a Closest-born and Aredann’s groundskeeper, discovers that she possesses a forgotten magic that can replenish the land’s water.
Freed By Flame and Storm by Becky AllenFreed By Flame and Storm by Becky Allen (Book Two of Two)
After discovering her inherent magic, Jae, a former slave in the Closest caste, broke free of the curse that oppressed and suppressed her people in Bound by Blood and Sand (2016). Now she must forge ahead with a dangerous plan to free her people, secure the kingdom’s magical well, and defeat the nefarious Highest, who rule the world. With the help of members of the Order of the Elements, who work against the Highest, and former-Avowed Elan, Jae mounts a revolution.
The SixStarred Review Star logo The Six by Mark Alpert
You have a terminal illness with the end in sight, and you’re given the opportunity to live (almost) forever. That life, however, will be as an AI (artificial intelligence). Oh, you’ll have your memories and emotions, courtesy of a complicated brain-to-circuit transfer, but you’ll be a part of a military experiment—one that was designed by your father.
The Hidden Memory of Objects by Danielle Mages AmatoThe Hidden Memory of Objects by Danielle Mages Amato
Megan Brown is devastated by the death of her beloved older brother, Tyler. The police claim that he overdosed on heroin and it may be suicide, but that doesn’t sit right with her. Megan, who is a focused and gifted collage artist, discovers she has the uncanny ability to see, feel, and experience the memories that objects contain. When she begins to see snippets of memories among Tyler’s belongings, she desperately focuses her efforts on finding out what really happened to him, even if it puts her in harm’s way.
Girl Last SeenGirl Last Seen by Heather Anastasiu and Anne Greenwood Brown
Kadence “Kady” Mulligan and Lauren DeSanto were an online singing sensation until Lauren’s vocal chords were affected by a throat infection. Kady was patient with Lauren at first, but when Lauren didn’t heal fast enough, she became a solo act. That, plus a fight at school over Kady’s boyfriend, started disintegrating the bond between the girls. Now, Kady is missing after a show, and the evidence points to Lauren, despite her assertions of innocence.
The Secret Side of EmptyThe Secret Side of Empty by Maria E. Andreu
With her blonde hair and pale skin, Monserrat Thalia (M.T. for short) is as American as apple pie. Her grades are impressive; she would be the perfect candidate for an Ivy League school, and she dreams of a perfect life and a perfect boyfriend in a perfect world. But that’s all it is—a dream—and not one she feels she can act upon. Like her parents, she is in the country illegally, and no one, not even her best friend, has a clue.
There Will Come a TimeStarred Review Star logo There Will Come a Time by Carrie Arcos
How does a 17-year-old reorient his life after his twin sister dies in the car he was driving? Sure, it was the other driver’s fault, but nothing in Mark Santos’ world makes sense anymore. His only comfort is revisiting the bridge where the accident occurred and contemplating what might have been.

— B —

A Drop of NightA Drop of Night by Stefan Bachmann
Anouk, an angry wunderkind, is one of five teenagers chosen to explore the underground Palais du Papillon (Palace of the Butterfly) outside of Paris, believed to have been built by eighteenth-century aristocrat Frédéric du Bessancourt. It quickly becomes apparent to the team, however, that they were lured there under false pretenses.
How I Got SkinnyHow I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love by Ken Baker
In a world where beauty reigns supreme and überfit bodies are worshipped, plus-sized Emery Jackson—age 16, size 16—wrestles with her desire to be loved and her devotion to food.
Never EndingStarred Review Star logo Never Ending by Martyn Bedford
Fifteen-year-old Shiv and her 12-year-old brother, Declan, accompany their parents to Greece for a two-week vacation. Just before they are scheduled to leave, tragedy strikes and three of them return home to bury the fourth.
I Remember YouI Remember You by Cathleen Davitt Bell
It’s 1994, and Juliet and Lucas couldn’t be more different. She’s an honor student on the fast track to college and a high-profile career. He’s a hockey player whose future begins the day he’s old enough to follow the family tradition and join the marines. Nevertheless, they fall hard for each other. The one thing that keeps this from being a typical high-school romance is that Lucas already remembers their first kiss, their first dance…
Blonde OpsBlonde Ops by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman
High-school junior Bec Jackson is expelled from her sixth boarding school in three years for hacking into the school’s computer system and changing grades. Against her will, she is sent to Rome to intern for Parker Phillips and her high-fashion magazine, Edge. When Parker has an accident just before the First Lady arrives for a photo session…
Emmy & Oliver by Robin BenwayEmmy & Oliver by Robin Benway
Emmy and Oliver, next-door neighbors born on the same day, had been best friends since birth. When they were seven, Oliver’s dad kidnapped him from school, and the world changed immediately. Scarred lives and altered relationships are front and center while everyone tries to maintain a sense of normality. That uneasy status quo suddenly is tested by Oliver’s return 10 years later.
Revolution by Jenna BlackRevolution by Jenna Black (Part of a Series)
Framed for the recent murder of the Chairman, Nate Hayes and his best friend, Nadia Lake, are on the run and hiding in Debasement, Paxco’s dangerous gang-ruled slums. Only Nate and Nadia know the truth about the Chairman’s death and about Dorothy, the new Chairman hunting them down. But they also know the truth is twisted, confused, and unbelievable, especially in the face of the ensuing revolution brewing around them.
How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring BlakeHow to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake
Grace wants nothing more than to spend her summer at home in Cape Katherine, focusing on her upcoming audition for the Manhattan School of Music and working alongside her best friend at LuMac’s Diner. However, when Grace returns from a piano workshop in Boston, she finds that her unpredictable and needy mother, Maggie, has uprooted their lives again.
Starred Review Star logo StarfishStarfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Half Japanese Kiko Himura is a recent high-school graduate whose art-school rejection leaves her with no means of escaping her toxic homelife. Her parents are divorced, and while her father happily lives with his new family, Kiko and her brothers live with their mother, a golden-haired, self-absorbed woman who belittles Kiko relentlessly. Because of this, Kiko is unable to speak what’s on her mind; rather, she expresses herself through art she never shares.
Madness by Zac BrewerMadness by Zac Brewer
Brooke Danvers learns the hard way that the one thing worse than wanting to kill yourself is failing at it. After six weeks as an inpatient, all she wants to do is try again, especially when confronted by overly cautious parents, curious classmates, and an administration that never cared before. At least she has Duckie, her best friend, who is gay and always has her back. Things begin to change when two new men enter her life
No Place to FallNo Place to Fall by Jaye Robin Brown
Amber Vaughn is an extraordinary singer from the mountains of North Carolina. But her situation isn’t idyllic. Her family is poor, her father cheats on his wife, and her brother-in-law is a known drug dealer. The only thing she wants in life is to get out of her small town and sing on a real stage. During her junior year, Amber makes two major decisions: to get into an esteemed arts school in nearby Winston-Salem and to help a new friend regain his ability to play the music he loves.

— C —

Basic CMYKDaisy to the Rescue by Jeff Campbell
Whether they are domestic companions, trained to serve, inspired to heal, or are found in the wild, animals have the ability to enhance our lives and even save us, and this compendium pays homage. Daisy, the title dog, detected breast cancer in her human companion. Molly, the pony with a prosthetic leg, inspired hope in the disabled. A gray seal kept a woman from drowning in the freezing North Sea.
Book cover - Brother Brother by Clay CarmichaelBrother, Brother by Clay Carmichael
17-year old Billy “Brother” Grace is reared by a poor and loving but secretive grandmother. On the morning that “Mem” dies, his whole world changes. Brother has had a less-than-stellar life in Schuyler, North Carolina. He doesn’t know who his father was, and his unwed mother died when he was 3. To care for Mem while she was ill and supplement her paltry income, he left school at 16 to take a job at a nursing home. Now, with Mem gone, Brother finds himself alone in the world.
Friday Night Alibi by Cassie MaeFriday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae
In “New Adult” fiction, the characters range from 18-25 and are expected to make hard decisions about life: sexuality, love, fleeing the nest, and career. I get that; these characters would experience a different set of responsibility-based challenges than would a high school student.Now Hear This: If FNA is representative of “New Adult” fiction, I vow to never read another one promoted as such.
Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah CombsBreakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs
“Geek Camp” for talented and gifted Kentucky teens is a life-changing event for Gloria Bishop and her three classmates. During the four-week period, Glo, Chloe, Calvin, and Mason develop a deep bond as they undergo transitions, realizations, and awakenings together, based on the subtle understanding that they are allowed to be themselves with one another.
Worthy by Donna CoonerWorthy by Donna Cooner
Linden Wilson’s life is looking up. She’s involved with prom, she plans to enter a writing contest for a scholarship, and she just started dating Alex Rivera, the cute catcher for the school’s baseball team. Meanwhile, Worthy, a new polling app that ranks couples based on the worthiness of the girl, becomes a preoccupation. The app is addictive, allowing students to anonymously say the ugly and distressing things about other students that they wouldn’t dare speak face-to-face.
Love and Vandalism by Laurie Boyle CromptonLove and Vandalism by Laurie Boyle Crompton
When Rory’s dad forbids her from being an artist, because he believes art destroyed her mother, Rory surreptitiously creates graffiti all over town, leaving angry, aggressive lions in her wake. The thrill of her covert hobby is threatened, however, when hot, out-of-towner Hayes discovers her secret.
The Brilliant Light of Amber SunriseThe Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow
Frankie Wootton is a 15-year-old romantic loner with a wild imagination. He lives in Tyne-and-Wear, England, with his single, hard-working mother, whose focus is on providing the best life she can for him and his older brother. When Frankie is diagnosed with leukemia, his world becomes dominated by excruciating treatments and a lengthy hospital stay.
The Murder Complex by Lindsay CummingsThe Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
In the Shallows, once known as the Everglades, hard-to-earn Creds are traded like old-fashioned money, kindness is punishable, and the mantra is kill or be killed. Everything is controlled by the omnipotent Initiative, and life matters little since overpopulation was facilitated by the Cure. Meadow, on the verge of 16, murders to secure a job in the rations department, while Zephyr, a 17-year-old ward, spends his mornings cleaning the streets of the dead.

— D —

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava DellariaStarred Review Star logo Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaria
The assignment: write a letter to someone who is dead. Laurel falls into this classroom task deeper than she could have ever imagined, writing to deceased stars like Kurt Cobain, Amelia Earhart, Judy Garland, River Phoenix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, and others whose lives ended as abruptly as Laurel’s older sister’s did.
The Taking by Kimberly DertingThe Taking by Kimberly Derting
Kyra wakes up behind a Dumpster and doesn’t know how she got there. Upon stumbling home, she discovers that home itself has changed. Her parents have split up, and her mother has a kid with her new husband. Her father, once a neatnik, is now an alcoholic obsessed with extraterrestrial theories concerning her disappearance. Wait, disappearance?
Bleed Like MeBleed Like Me by C. Desir
Seventeen-year-old Amelia — better known as Gannon — felt shut out of her family at age 12, when her parents put their energy into three wild boys they adopted off the streets of Guatemala. From that day forward, she retreated and became invisible to most everyone, and the only way she can feel anything is to cut herself. Then she meets Michael Brooks, an obnoxious, paranoid manipulator and dangerous rule-breaker who makes Gannon feel needed, wanted, and visible to her core.
Look Past by Eric DevineLook Past by Eric Devine
Life is hard for Avery, a transgender teen boy living in a town where a large fundamentalist congregation resides. When his once best friend and first love, Mary—the preacher’s daughter—is found brutally slain, Avery is driven to find her killer. However, the few chilling clues doled out by the murderer point to Avery as the reason behind this monstrous crime, and his life is endangered.
die-for-you-coverDie for You by Amy Fellner Dominy
Emma Lorde knows she’s a lucky girl because her hunky boyfriend, popular Dillon Hobbs, loves her without question. That’s the only thing right in her life after her parents’ messy divorce and her subsequent move halfway across Arizona with her father. But big problems face Emma as her senior year slides into its second semester and life at home grows more complicated.

— F —

Gilded by Christina FarleyGilded (Book One in the Gilded Series) by Christina Farley
Jae Hwa Lee, a Korean American teen with a black belt and perfect archery skills, reluctantly moves with her widowed father from Los Angeles to Seoul. There she meets her brusque grandfather, who gives every indication that he wants to be rid of her. That’s the least of her problems, for she soon learns that she is the target of Haemosu, a demigod in search of a bride, who for centuries has stolen from her family the oldest unmarried female of each generation.
cursed-queenThe Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine (Book Two of Three)
“Blood and victory!” is the Krigere people’s battle cry, and tough, eager Ansa knows no other life. In this companion book to The Impostor Queen (2016), three warriors—likable Ansa; Thyra, the late chieftain’s daughter; and Sander, who, like Ansa, was a raid prize as a child—are the only Krigere fighters remaining following a battle with the Kupari, the tribe’s magical enemies.
The True Queen by Sarah FineThe True Queen by Sarah Fine (Book Three of Three)
Bravery comes in many forms. Ansa, a warrior with newly discovered magic, knows she is to be the Valtia (queen) of Kupari, a people from whom she was stolen as a child. Raised by the Krigere, she is loyal and knows how to survive and kill but not rule; that is left to her love and chieftain, Thyra. Elli, as queen of Kupari, continues to rule while risking exposure: she has no magic. As Ansa and the Krigere move forward to conquer Kupari, Elli feverishly works to regain calm and stability for the realm. Ansa and Elli are on a collision course of wits and abilities.
Fractured by Sarah FineFractured by Sarah Fine  (Part of a Series)
High stakes and heart-pounding action continue in this satisfying sequel to Sanctum (2012). Tough, determined Lela Santos, now returned to earth, is charged with the mission of eliminating soul-stealing Mazikin who seeped out of the dark crevices of the afterlife. In a reversal of roles…
The Impostor QueenThe Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine (Book One of Three)
Sixteen-year-old Elli is next in line to be the Valtia of Kupari, the queen and perfectly balanced vessel of fire and ice magic. In fact, prophecy indicates she is to be the most powerful Valtia ever. When the current Valtia dies, her magic is supposed to transfer itself to Elli, but that magic never manifests. Perplexed, the Elders ask her to undergo torturous tests to draw out these powers, but upon learning the Elders are plotting against her, Elli escapes.
Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie FinnBroken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn (Book One)
Gemma Tucker thought her summer would be perfect, but parents have a habit of ruining things. For the first time in five years, she’s back in the Hamptons with her screenwriter father, and she fears running into Hallie, the former BFF she treated horribly when they were 11. Before she even gets off the train, Gemma gets into a mistaken-identity situation that seems to work on one level—before resulting in a summer’s worth of crossed signals and untruths.
Revenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold by Katie FinnRevenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold by Katie Finn (Book Two)
The summer war between Gemma and Hallie escalates to new heights in the second installment of the Broken Hearts & Revenge series. The battles are bigger, sneakier, and nastier, often blindsiding Gemma, who ends up looking guilty.
The Dark Water by Seth FishmanThe Dark Water by Seth Fishman (Book Two)
While bio-destruction continues at home in this sequel to The Well’s End (2014), Mia and her friends surface on dry land after diving into the well in search of the source of its water—water that acts as an antidote to the rapid-aging effects of a new virus. Finding themselves in Capian, the underground civilization where the source is believed to be, they arrive at an inopportune time: Mia’s father has been captured; one of the three leaders of Capian has been killed; and an imminent war between clans seethes everywhere.
The Well's End by Seth FishmanStarred Review Star logo The Well’s End by Seth Fishman (Book One)
At four years old, Baby Mia Kish fell into a well and was pulled out to grand media fanfare. Since then, tight spaces and darkness give her the creeps. When the staff and students at Westbrook—her überexclusive school—develop a strange and gruesome illness that ages and kills them within hours, darkness becomes the least of her problems.
Willful MachinesWillful Machines by Tim Floreen
Lee Fisher, son of the president of the United States, is an introverted robotics nerd at a private school for future world leaders. Only his best friend knows he is hiding deep in the closet because of his father’s ultra-­conservative politics. Meanwhile, scientists have created 2B robots that operate by artificial intelligence bordering on conscious free will. Soon a 2B named Charlotte launches a cyberattack on the American public, but Lee’s more concerned about keeping his Secret Service bodyguards from discovering his crush on Nico, the Shakespeare-loving new boy. When the school is attacked, Lee understands that he is the target, but is Nico in on the plan?
Juan Pablo and the Butterflies by J. J. FlowersJuan Pablo and the Butterflies by J. J. Flowers
In the otherwise quiet butterfly sanctuary of El Rosario, Mexico, Juan Pablo (JP), a thoughtful teen who loves playing his violin, recognizes the sound of drug traffickers that have taken over his town. His abuela, a doctor and naturalist, lies on her deathbed, from which she directs him to follow the butterflies’ migration to Pacific Grove, California. First, though, JP takes desperate measures to save his dearest friend, Rocio, from his town’s violent drug dealers. His actions yield a more dangerous result than anticipated, and JP must use his talent, wit, and abuela’s sage words to get himself and Rocio to safety.
 WeightofZero_front cover new12.inddThe Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati
Catherine knows her emotional level will zero out again and that she’ll need to kill herself to ease the pain from her depression. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she feels a nagging hopelessness knowing she’ll have to live with the illness all her life, and worries she’ll never have friends again. Things gradually begin to improve when a new doctor revises her treatment plan and sends her to an intensive after-school therapy program.
Both of Me by Jonathan FriesenStarred Review Star logo Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen 
Believing she caused a family tragedy (aka her Great Undoing), 18-year-old Clara bolted from her London home. She has since been traveling the world using her father’s journal as a guide. On a flight to Minneapolis, she meets Elias, who eerily seems to know everything about her. Discovering that their bags were switched, she locates his home and discovers two Eliases. He suffers from DID—disassociative identity disorder—and swings from sweet Elias to the Other One, who lives in the imaginary world of Salem.
MaydayMayday by Jonathan Friesen
Desperately trying to keep Will from harming her sister, Adele, 18-year-old Crow sacrifices her own life to destroy his. But when Crow is given a second chance to put things right, she is sent back in time for a walkabout in a “loaner body” as Shane, a 13-year-old girl. Failing in her mission to prevent her past mistakes but with time still available, she returns for a third chance as Shane, this time a 19-year-old boy in the same but modified body.
The Year of the Rat by Clare FurnissThe Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss
Fifteen-year-old Pearl learns how quickly life can change when her mother dies giving birth to her half sister, Rose. Pearl’s loss consumes her to the point of avoiding her best friend, arguing with her loving stepdad, and harboring a decided distaste for Rose, whom she secretly calls The Rat. Pearl completes her exams under duress and barely cares about going back to school. But there are things she doesn’t know, and although her mother appears and speaks with her often, some of the pieces don’t fall into place.

— G —

The Blood StoneThe Blood Stone by Jamila Gavin
Blood stones. “Diamonds. There’s been more blood spilled over diamonds than any other stone. For all the gold and rubies and pearls and emeralds that abound in that kingdom, it’s still diamonds that count for the most.” The kingdom is that of Shah Jahan of Hindustan in the 17th century. The words are those of an old Dutch sea captain who advises young Filippo Veroneo of the possible dangers ahead for him in The Blood Stone by Jamila Gavin.
XO Ronette by Jeff GottesfeldXO Ronette by Jeff Gottesfeld
Ronette Bradley rocks when it comes to test taking, but her overall grades aren’t impressive. That’s why she is cleaning hotel rooms after high-school graduation. Worse yet, she is relegated to attending Chicagoland Community College while her hunky, upper-class boyfriend, Jayson, heads to D.C. and exclusive Houseman University. When she receives a last-minute call offering …
CaptiveCaptive by A. J. Grainger
Three months after witnessing an assassination attempt on her father, England’s prime minister, Robyn Knollys-Green is kidnapped and held captive by an animal rights group that seeks justice. One member’s brother was arrested for that assassination attempt, and another’s brother died because of a new, not-fully-tested drug, the creator of which was close friends with Robyn’s father. Held hostage for days, Robyn tries to keep her wits about her as she suffers the indignities of being captive and pieces together what truths to believe from both sides.

— H —

Escaping PerfectEscaping Perfect by Emma Harrison (Book One)
Eighteen-year-old Cecilia Montgomery has never known what it’s like to live a normal life. Her mother is a powerful senator in Washington, D.C., and at the age of eight, Cecilia survived a kidnapping attempt. Since then, she has been cloistered in an exclusive boarding school. When the opportunity presents itself, Cecilia makes a snap decision to escape and become someone new, without a bodyguard.
Finding What's Real by Emma HarrisonFinding What’s Real by Emma Harrison (Book Two)
Picking up where Escaping Perfect (2016) left off, Cecilia Montgomery is aided in her second escape by friends from Sweetbriar, Tennessee. But her mother, Senator Montgomery, decides to invade Cecilia’s favorite little town and make it her presidential campaign HQ so she can keep an eye on her daughter. Everyone there loves the spotlight except Cecilia, who remains under her mother’s thumb. Between her mother, her mother’s staff, her friends who have new agendas, and the throngs of paparazzi who refuse to leave her alone, Cecilia doesn’t know which way to turn and ends up making reckless choices.
Don't Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn HeasleyDon’t Call Me Baby By Gwendolyn Heasley
Fifteen-year-old Imogene, better known as Babylicious to the fans of her blogger mother, has never known privacy.’s following is legendary, and its content is a full-on embarrassing documentation of her life from birth to first period. Best friend Sage, meanwhile, is the daughter of a vegan blogger who takes her daughter to task for her toxic eating habits
Promposal; by Rhonda HelmsPromposal by Rhonda Helms
Mortifying. Humiliating. For the most part, “promposals” are exactly that. Camilla is ambushed at school by a guy she hardly knows (with the student body as witness and a TV crew to film it) and asked to go to their senior prom. Not wanting to be a jerk, she accepts despite wishing the dreamy Benjamin would ask her. Meanwhile, her best friend Joshua, who is deeply, madly, silently in love with their other friend Ethan, encounters his own dilemma.

— J —

The Way Light Bends by Cordelia JensenThe Way Light Bends by Cordelia Jensen
Sophomores Linc and Holly, her adoptive sister from Ghana, used to declare themselves “virtual twins,” but the two have grown apart. Linc, creative and into photography, just can’t live up to her parents’ exacting standards or Holly’s academic achievements. This constant battle to meet expectations, at odds with Linc’s own capacity to learn and produce, shakes her sense of self and belonging. Struggling in a traditional school environment, Linc searches for alternative educational options; however, when a family secret is revealed, Linc is forced to rethink who she is and what she wants
BelievarexicStarred Review Star logo Believarexic by J. J. Johnson
Can’t deal with the “monster” inside. Not skinny enough. Not good enough. More weight to lose. Sick of being sick. Bulimarexia. Despite her parents’ skepticism, 15-year-old Jennifer begs to be admitted to a hospital eating disorders unit and undergoes treatment for 10 weeks. Johnson’s novel takes readers on a powerful, semiautobiographical guided tour through the trials of treatment: the pain and tears, the embarrassing searches and accusations by hospital personnel, the unwanted food that must be eaten, the self-realizations, the support craved, and the victories achieved.

— K —

That Thing We Call a Heart by Sheba KarimThat Thing We Call a Heart by Sheba Karim
It’s the summer before college, and Shabnam Qureshi is lonely. She and her BFF, the feisty Farah, are on the outs since Farah showed up at school wearing a hijab without consulting Shabnam first—and Shabnam didn’t exactly defend her friend from the judgmental onslaught that followed. Eventually, Shabnam meets the free-spirited Jamie, who is visiting his aunt, and she falls for him hard.
The Other Way Around by Sashi KaufmanStarred Review Star logo Other Way Around, The by Sashi Kaufman
Sixteen-year-old Andrew is overwhelmed. His parents? They’re divorced, and he is in the middle. His school? It’s primarily a girls’ school, and he can’t get a date. What’s worse is that his mom is the principal. His education? He is repeatedly told he is not applying himself. His outlook? Uninspired. At Thanksgiving, Andrew’s jerky cousin visits, declares him gay, and wets his bed. There’s only one way to end the madness: to run away.
More Than We Can Tell by Brigid KemmererStarred Review Star logo More Than We Can Tell By Brigid Kemmerer
Rev Fletcher, adopted by his foster parents at a young age, never takes their love and respect for granted. Ten years after becoming part of their family, he receives a letter from his abusive fire-and-brimstone father, causing memories of the severe physical traumas Rev endured during his childhood to burn deeper than ever. Meanwhile, Emma Blue is on top of the world, having created an online game, OtherLANDS, that has already developed a community. But her parents’ fights and mother’s constant criticism, already wearing her down, take a backseat to one player’s constant harassment and vile threats.
Grandmaster by David KlassGrandmaster by David Klass
Chess is a mind sport, one that is all-consuming, both mentally and emotionally. Daniel Pratzer is about to find out what that means, but not in a way he expects. A freshman and a newbie to chess—or patzer in chess lingo—Daniel is approached by the senior chess club cocaptains of his exclusive high school. A father-son weekend tournament is coming up, and Daniel and his father are more required than requested to be there.

— L —

Olivia Twist by Lorie LangdonStarred Review Star logo Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon
Vivacious and lovely, 18-year-old Olivia Brownlow is a highly eligible young woman in London’s 1859 society. Before her long-lost uncle took her in, she grew up disguised as a boy named Oliver, who became a street rat in a gang run by the Artful Dodger. Olivia can’t forget her origins, and while snooping around during a formal dinner, she comes upon another sneak—the eye-catching gentleman named Jack MacCarron, who was also about to lift jewels from their owners.
Secret of the Sevens by Lynn LindquistSecret of the Sevens by Lynn Lindquist
Banned decades earlier after murdering the school’s founder and setting a deadly fire, the Society of Seven is the stuff of urban legends. But wait, no one really believes that story, do they? When 18-year-old Talan Michaels is mysteriously summoned to one of the boarding school’s little-used buildings, he finds a letter inviting him to join that very secret society. While working out clues left for him and six other students, Talan’s dyslexia—typically a stumbling block—proves unexpectedly helpful in deciphering the messages.
Backlash by Sarah Darer LittmanBacklash by Sarah Darer Littman
Overweight Lara was bullied and depressed in middle school. Now a sophomore, 30 pounds lighter, her life has turned around. She made the cheer team and has new friends, plus a hot boy from another school is interested in her via Facebook. Her ex-BFF Bree, who ended their friendship two years earlier when Lara’s depression got in the way, is now angry after being bumped from the cheer team. When the FB boy suddenly posts devastatingly hurtful things about Lara, it sends her over the edge and into a world where she believes suicide is the only answer.
Character, Drive by David LubarStarred Review Star logo Character, Driven by David Lubar
With high-school graduation drawing near, Cliff stands at the precipice of his future, uncertain which way to jump. Yet he knows he has to do two things before the end of his senior year: lose his virginity and get Jillian, the new girl, to notice him. But that’s not everything crowding his proverbial plate because life isn’t that simple. His unemployed father threatens to kick him out when he turns 18 unless he contributes to the household, so Cliff works two part-time jobs and shelves the idea of college for the time being. His only havens are his closest friends, books, and art.
Daughters Unto DevilsDaughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics
Sixteen-year-old Amanda lives in fear—fear of consequences promised by religion, fear of telling her parents she’s with child, fear of wishing her baby sister would die, fear of learning why nothing feels right. It is the nineteenth century, and the Verner family is forced to make a better life on the vast and lonely prairie. When they arrive at an abandoned house that Pa chooses to be theirs, they find the interior ravaged and awash with blood.

— M —

Winter Falls by Nicole MaggiWinter Falls by  Nicole Maggi
Twin Willows, Maine, is the most boring place on earth, according to 16-year-old Alessia Jacobs. Then the Wolfe family moves to town, and they have intriguing twins her age: the dark and brooding Bree and the hot, seductive Jonah. She also finds an Italian amulet between bricks in the cellar of her basement, after which she begins to have strange visions where she becomes a falcon.
Uncrashable Dakota by Andy MarinoUncrashable Dakota by Andy Marino
The tagline for “Uncrashable Dakota” reads: “Who can keep the most magnificent airship in the world from falling out of the sky?” Enticing enough and, in the novel, author Andy Marino steampunks one of the most well-known historical events with modern-day invention through highly unconventional means.
Flight Season by Marie MarquardtFlight Season by Marie Marquardt
Rising college sophomore Vivi Flannigan is an avid birder and Yale student who lands a dream internship at a hospital near her home in Florida. TJ Carvalho, about to finish his nursing degree, works at his family’s restaurant and at the same hospital, where he cares for feisty Ángel Solís, who suffers from a terrible heart infection. When the three are thrown together during the summer, each must learn what’s important to the others and to themselves.
A Work of ArtA Work of Art by Melody Maysonet
Seventeen-year-old Tera and her father are close, drawn together by their artistic talents. She will do anything to earn his praise. When Tera graduates from high school in the spring, she will be off to Paris to study at a prestigious art school and live her dream. She will also escape her mother, who is emotionally remote and hates how Tera always takes her father’s side. However, everything changes when her father is arrested for child pornography, a heinous crime Tera believes he couldn’t have committed.
The Convent by Maureen McCarthyThe Convent by Maureen McCarthy
Aside from her broken heart, Peach has a good life. But in the summer of her nineteenth year, she takes a job at a café in what was once Abbotsford Convent and her life changes forever. She always accepted that she was adopted, but she never knew her family history was tightly bound to the convent.
The Prom Goer's Interstellar Excursion by Chris McCoyThe Prom Goer’s Interstellar Excursion by Chris McCoy
Bennett Bardo’s dreams just came true. His gorgeous neighbor, Sophie Gilkey, is going to prom with him. But things change when she is abducted by aliens right before Bennett’s eyes in the New Mexico desert. Happening upon a bus that resembles a metal platypus at an In-and-Out Burger, Bennett hops a ride and is whisked off into space with the members of The Perfectly Reasonable, an intergalactic band of musicians that agree to help him locate Sophie after their tour is over.
When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya MenonWhen Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
Young Adult Rom-Com for the Win!A New York Times bestseller • Girl has goal (break the glass ceiling in the world of coding without “IIH” distractions). Boy has goal (woo the girl his parents have arranged for him to marry before they both go off to college). Boy meets girl but stages disastrous introduction (“Hello, future wife. I can’t wait to get started on the rest of our lives!”). Girl tosses Starbucks iced coffee at this “loony bin escapee.”
I See London, I See France by Sarah MlynowskiI See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski
What could go wrong when you’ve mapped out a four-and-a-half-week backpack trip through Europe with your best friend? Plenty, it turns out. Nineteen-year-old Sydney and Leela planned to trek around Europe, see the sights, kiss hot boys, and have a summer they’d never forget. But when Leela’s ex-boyfriend shows up unexpectedly, even the best-laid plans fall apart.
the-girl-in-the-pictureThe Girl in the Picture by Alexandra Monir
Chace Porter, Oyster Bay Prep’s soccer star and leading man, is found dead, and the only clue in this whodunit is a picture in his pocket of him with a girl no one knew was close to him. His girlfriend, Lana Rivera, is both devastated by his death and furious at her ex-roomie, Nicole Morgan, the girl in the picture. While the student body is sequestered on campus during the investigation, Nicole becomes the prime suspect before being arrested. But did she really murder Chace? She claims she didn’t, but the evidence categorically points to her.
Game Change by Joseph MonningerGame Change by Joseph Monninger
In the rural town of Rumney, New Hampshire, senior Zeb Holloway’s life seems fairly set: repairing cars with his uncle, hunting deer on weekends, helping his overworked single mom, and sitting on the bench as the backup QB on his high school’s football team. Things change when the star QB breaks his leg and Zeb must step up, be a leader, and start the state championship game. Used to a quiet life, Zeb suddenly feels the pressure of everyone watching and counting on him.
Detroit by Sam MoussaviDetroit by Sam Moussavi
Isaiah knows he is a great basketball player, and playing varsity as a freshman at Detroit Catholic is a big deal. He was born to play, and his father, who once played in the NBA, has relentlessly coached him since he was a child. But Isaiah comes from the comfortable suburb of Auburn Hills, not the inner city, like his teammates. The death of a teammate and experience of being teased for not being tough or black enough serve as catalysts for Isaiah to reflect on who he is and what he wants.

— N —

Deep Water by Katherine NicholsDeep Water by Katherine Nichols
Seventeen-year-old Eddie Otero craves the thrill of adventure, and in 1971, he gets in over his head. A strong and talented swimmer, he accepts the challenge to swim a waterproof package of weed from Mexico back to his small California town near San Diego. The danger fuels his desire to succeed, as does the prospect of big money. Along with other high-school friends and the Spanish teacher, Eddie starts a small business with big payouts, which expands into a multimillion-dollar global smuggling concern. But no amount of money can prevent them from becoming federally indicted fugitives.

— O —

The Rule of Mirrors by Caragh O'BrienThe Rule of Mirrors by Caragh M. O’Brien (Book Two)
Expelled from the Forge School in front of the entire country, Rosie Sinclair stands by her claim that students’ dreams and memories—including hers—are being mined in labs below the school’s grounds. Fearing for her life and trusting no one, she feels alone, especially since her inner voice left her. That voice, however, now rests in a pregnant girl, who is being kept alive after an accident.
The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh O'BrienThe Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien (Book One)
Rosie’s best hope for an education as a filmmaker is to make the cut at the esteemed Forge School of the Arts. With that comes the school’s hugely popular, 12-hour-a-day reality show broadcasting the students’ every move. To make the cut, a student’s “blip” ratings must put her or him in the top 50, achieved primarily via manipulation by the viewers, sponsors, producers, and staff. Students are subjected to 12 hours of medicinally induced sleep each night, supposedly to boost their creative output, but when Rosie bypasses the nightly pill, she learns that she is part of a sinister plan.
Between Two SkiesStarred Review Star logo Between Two Skies by Joanne O’Sullivan
Sixteen-year-old Evangeline Riley has a rich and contented life. Tiny Bayou Perdu, a shrimping and fishing town in Louisiana, offers all she needs: best friends, family, salt air, gumbo, and pure peace when she’s on the water. During a local festival, she meets Tru, a Vietnamese boy she can’t get out of her mind; but shortly thereafter, Hurricane Katrina forces evacuation. Chaos and destruction push them away, as the Rileys seek refuge with an aunt in Atlanta. There Evangeline feels lost and restless, craving home and the familiar, while her family struggles to rebuild their lives.
Karma: A Novel in VerseKarma: A Novel in Verse by Kathy Ostlere
A 15-year-old girl from the prairies of Manitoba, Canada, travels to India to deliver her Hindu mother’s ashes. No sooner than when she and her Sikh father land in Delhi is Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated. Separated during the melee that follows, the girl— Maya to her late mother, Jiva to her father—is forced to make hard and split-second decisions in the middle of a human firestorm.

— P —

Since Last Summer by Joanna PhilbinSince Last Summer by Joanna Philbin. (Book Two of The Rules of Summer) |
This thoroughly upscale teen chick lit continues to examine relationships established in Rules of Summer (2013). Rory McShane, now Connor Rule’s girlfriend, is invited by Connor’s sister Isabel to stay at the Rules’ home in East Hampton. This summer is different because Rory isn’t the errand girl anymore; she is “part of the family.”

— R —

Between the Notes by Sharon Huss RoatBetween the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat
When Ivy’s parents announce that they have lost their expensive digs and nearly everything they own, including Ivy’s beloved baby grand, it’s the end of her world. The piano and singing are Ivy’s passions, and the move to Lakeside, a low-income town where the poor kids at school live, is too much for her upscale esteem to bear. She can’t tell her friends for fear of ostracism. Enter suave and mysterious James Wickerton, whose attention is focused on Ivy. When rumored drug dealer Lennie Lazarski, Ivy’s new next-door neighbor, also starts taking notice of her at home and (gasp!) at school, that’s the limit.
Grace and the Fever by Zan RomanoffStarred Review Star logo Grace and the Fever by Zan Romanoff
The minute obsessive fandom bleeds into real life, there’s bound to be trouble. Grace Thomas is a self-proclaimed ordinary person, but as music blogger Gigi, she’s an integral part of boy band Fever Dream’s fandom. One night during the summer after graduation, Grace finds herself face-to-face with the band’s heartthrob, Jes. When a paparazzo takes their picture and it goes viral, Grace/Gigi finds herself straddling the worlds of the band, fandom, and real life, forcing her to face complicated truths about herself. This is a realistically told tale of a fan and star falling into a relationship that is messier and thornier than anticipated.
It’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick
Rudnick (Gorgeous, 2013) takes on celebrity culture by pitting a Lindsay Lohan/Miley Cyrus–type teen star (aptly named Heller) against her upstanding, kneesock-wearing cousin Caitlin, who is a bundle of anxiety and compulsion issues. The weekend before the premiere of Heller’s Hunger Games-esque movie, Angel Wars, Caitlin is recruited to keep Heller clean and sober. The problem is, the 17-year-old cousins get along like oil and water.

— S —

Beautiful Broken Girls by Kim SavageBeautiful Broken Girls by Kim Savage
Just outside of Boston, in a patriarchal Italian American community, sisters Mira and Francesca Cillo are dead, their bodies entwined and retrieved from a toxic quarry lake. Days after the suicide, Ben Lattanzi—whom Mira had allowed to touch seven parts of her body—receives a letter from Mira, starting him on the hunt for notes at each of the locations where they had touched. Each note cryptically reveals more about why the sisters chose to end their lives, exposing complex reasons that involve a self-proclaimed religious stigma, a risky crush, and a devastating lie.
Interlude by Chantele SedgwickInterlude by Chantele Sedgwick
Eighteen-year-old Mia Cox wants to donate a kidney to her younger sister, Maddy; however, she’s not a match. Their last hope rests with their birth mother, who abandoned the family when Maddy was a baby. To save Maddy’s life, Mia hops on an airplane to N.Y.C., hopeful she can convince her mother to help. Mia is seated next to a cute guy, and their conversation takes an awkward turn when she tells him she hates the band Blue Fire before realizing her seatmate is their lead singer, Jaxton Scott.
The Good Girls by Sara ShepardThe Good Girls by Sara Shepard (Book Two)
Picking up right where The Perfectionists (2014) left off, murder happens. While the girls try to figure out who killed Nolan and their film studies teacher, Mr. Granger, more people—all privy to their secret conversation in class—die or are severely injured.
The Perfectionists by Sara ShepardThe Perfectionists by Sara Shepard (Book One)
It’s murder to be beautiful, smart, and perfect. Five high-school-senior girls hate one classmate, Nolan, enough to collectively want to kill him for the pain he caused them individually. Instead, they decide an embarrassing prank will do the trick. That mission is soon accomplished, with one hiccup: the morning after the prank, Nolan is found dead, murdered in the exact manner they’d once laughed about.
I Become Shadow by Joe ShineI Become Shadow by Joe Shine
Not-so-popular 14-year-old Ren Sharpe is kidnapped one night and whisked away to the training facility for FATE (Future Affairs Training and Education), part of a secret world organization. For the next four years, she and hundreds of other international “recruits” undergo searing daily nerve-killing injections called “fire.”
The Summer Invitation by Charlotte SilverThe Summer Invitation by Charlotte Silver
San Franciscans Franny, 14, and her sister Valentine, 17, receive an invitation from Aunt Theo to spend the summer at her apartment in Greenwich Village. Their chaperone, Clover, a protégé of Theo’s, teaches the girls the difference between glamorous and sophisticated. New vocabulary (trousers, not pants, and camisole, not tank top) swirls around the girls as they experience New York City’s nontouristy, high-class secret places. Impulsive Val wants to do things, go places, and meet boys, while Franny, the narrator, is happy to embrace Clover’s and Theo’s old-fashioned ideas
The Creeping by Alexandra SirorwyThe Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy
tella wants to forget what happened 11 years earlier: she and her red-haired friend Jeanie went missing, but only Stella returned. There are too many reminders—Jeanie’s old house, an annual festival, and now the return of Jeanie’s older brother, Daniel—but the problem is that Stella doesn’t remember anything. When a new corpse of a young, red-haired girl is found, Stella’s memories begin to surface, compelling her to dig into old secrets of death, rituals, and monsters. Meanwhile, Stella faces social struggles, having to choose between friendship with popular Zoey or loyal Sam.
High and Dry by Sarah SkiltonHigh and Dry by Sarah Skilton
Charlie Dixon had it made: soccer star, great parents, loving girlfriend, and worry-free college acceptance. Then he’s hit by an avalanche of problems. Heartsick about being dumped (and nursing a drinking problem), he leaves his car at a party and his previous ex drives him home. At the same time, a student trips out on LSD and is dumped at the hospital ER by someone driving Charlie’s car.
Color Blind by Sheila SobelColor Blind by Sheila Sobel
Seventeen-year-old April suddenly finds herself orphaned, angry, and living in post–Hurricane Katrina New Orleans with an aunt she’s never met. Kate—a happily single, free-spirited chef—welcomes April into her home, but April immediately builds a wall of antagonism between them. Unemployed and irritated by her circumstances and Kate’s house rules, April takes a stroll in the neighborhood, where she meets Miles, a bayou-native tour guide, who shows her the city. During Miles’ tour, April lingers by the grave of Marie Laveau, the queen of voodoo, and soon after discovers a clue to her own fragmented past.
Blank by Trina St. JeanBlank by Trina St. Jean
The accident that put Jessica in a coma wiped out all knowledge of her family and friends, leaving her both mystified and scared. Exhibiting the typical wide-swinging moods and lack of emotion caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI), Jessica is as much a question mark to herself as is the prognosis for her full recovery. As she tries to put together the puzzle of just who the old Jessica was, her conclusions shift, each one more baffling than the next.
Mindwalker by A.J. SteigerMindwalker by A.J. Steiger (Book One)
Lain Fisher, 17, lives in a war-, violence-, crime-free America, thanks to the government and the Institute for Ethics in Neurotechnology. The population is controlled through “conditioning” and can undergo “Mindwalking,” a process that removes negative memories, leaving behind only homogeneous sociability. While Lain is training to become a Mindwalker (one who removes memories), she meets Steven, a victim of horrific child abuse who is a “Type Four” in the caste system; he wears a collar that monitors his brain and actions and “tazes” him if he becomes violent.
Some Kind of Normal by Juliana StoneStarred Review Star logo Some Kind of Normal by Juliana Stone
He wasn’t the kind of guy Emily would have gone for in high school. She wasn’t the girl Trevor always thought she was. He was the sexy musician with tattoos on his fingers and a blue streak in his hair. She was the uptight and gorgeous preacher’s daughter who was rarely seen with a boy. He was the guy who had been in an accident that put him in a coma for much of his senior year and now suffers from traumatic brain injury (TBI). She was the girl whose senior year was spent in silent confusion over a life-changing secret about her family. Trevor’s and Emily’s worlds collide when she becomes his summer tutor so that he can earn his diploma.
A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal SutherlandA Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland
Esther Solar’s family is not just strange, they’re cursed. Ever since Grandpa Reg met Death and was told he’d die by drowning, the Solars have believed they’re fated to die from their greatest fear. For Esther’s mother, it’s bad luck; her agoraphobic father won’t leave the basement; and her twin brother is petrified of the dark. To learn what her own curse will be, Esther keeps a “semi-definitive list” of all her fears, not knowing which will be her demise.
The Door in the Mountain by Caitlin SweetThe Door in the Mountain by Caitlin Sweet
Ancient Crete is a land where death and beauty coexist. Princess Ariadne, born to King Minos and Queen Pasiphae, hasn’t been godmarked like her younger half brother, the beloved Asterion the Bull Prince, and her other siblings, all of whom were given specific gifts that determine their life paths.

— T —

Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah ThomasBecause You’ll Never Meet Me Me by Leah Thomas (Book One)
Ollie, 14, lives sequestered with his mother in an A-frame house in the woods of northern Michigan. He can see the colors and shapes of the electricity to which he is allergic. Moritz, a 16-year-old who lives in Germany, has no eyes but can see through superecholocation. He also requires a pacemaker, which means he and Ollie can never meet. Ollie lives in an overprotected world, while Moritz goes to school and is bullied. Both boys need a friend, and through a pen pal relationship, they find the strength to go on.
nowhere-near-you Starred Review Star logo Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas (Book Two)
Electro-sensitive Ollie and eyeless Moritz and his pacemaker return in a sequel that is darker than Because You’ll Never Meet Me (a 2016 Morris Honor Book), and the boys’ affectionate epistolary relationship continues. As Ollie bravely travels out of his Michigan woods to meet other blunderkind, or blunderkids like himself, he is eager yet apprehensive about his mission to write their stories.
Hung Up by Kristen TracyHung Up by Kristen Tracy
Lucy, in East Montpelier, Vermont, dials a number more than once, leaving increasingly angry messages about the lack of return calls acknowledging an order she had placed. James, almost an hour away in Burlington, finally answers, explaining he’s not the business she was trying to reach. A conversation ensues, and the two 16-year-olds gradually become phone friends. Their cautious yet witty exchanges slowly include analytical and enlightening dialogue.

— V —

The Merciless by Danielle VegaThe Merciless by Danielle Vega
It’s hard to know who your friends are when you’re the new girl. For Sophia Flores, Adams High is one more in a long line of schools—her mother is an Army nurse. On her first day, Sophia quickly makes friends with Brooklyn and Riley, even though they are both from different factions. Pushed and pulled by Brooklyn’s craving for tattoos, danger, and excitement and Riley’s religious seduction topped with southern sweetness, Sophia finds it difficult to make her own decisions. When Riley decides that Brooklyn requires an exorcism, Sophia finds herself trapped.

— W —

ultimatum-by-k-m-waltonUltimatum by K.M. Walton
The only things brothers Oscar and Vance have in common are a mother, who died in a car crash three years earlier, and an alcoholic father, who is dying of liver failure. Vance, a high-school senior, loves to hang and drink with his dad, and thinks Oscar is a drag. Oscar, a year younger, loves to draw and listen to classical music, but has become withdrawn because his interests are mocked by his family. He sees what alcohol is doing to his father and how his brother is stumbling down the same path.
The Heartbeats of Wing Jones by Katherine WebberThe Heartbeats of Wing Jones by Katherine Webber
Fifteen-year-old Wing Jones lives in a house of strong women—her Chinese mother and her Chinese and Ghanaian grandmothers—and in the shadow of her brother Marcus, the congenial football star destined for greatness. But when Marcus drinks and drives, killing two people and ending up in a coma himself, Wing’s life becomes a nightmare: schoolmates place the blame for the tragedy on her, and the family can’t keep up with the mounting hospital bills. Unable to sleep, she finds release and focus in running.
The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant by Joanna WiebeThe Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant by Joanna Wiebe (Book One of the “V” Trilogy)
A shadowy, sinister island cloaked in mystery and secrecy off the coast of Maine is home to Cania Christy, a school for privileged, beautiful teens. However, Anne, a junior and up-and-coming artist, is different from the rest of the students: she is the brilliant daughter of a poor mortician. From her first moment there, nothing seems to be . . . quite right.
The Wicked Awakening of Anne MerchantThe Wicked Awakening of Anne Merchant by Joanna Wiebe (Book Two of the “V” Trilogy)
Anne Merchant is back at Cania Christy Preparatory Academy, and the tension escalates when she finds herself in a more troubling situation than before. Snatched again from her coma in a California hospital, Anne is forced to use her success formula—look closer—more than ever.
Me Since You by Laura WiessMe Since You by Laura Wiess
On the day sophomore Rowan Areno skips school, a series of tragic events occur for which she feels personally responsible. She befriends Eli, a young man who witnessed a suicide and is also dealing with the loss of his father in Iraq…

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