Time Bandits

For a moment – okay, for an hour or so – I felt as if I’d gotten myself into yet another thing that would command my time and take me hostage from the important tasks and obligations of life.  I spent the morning – okay, that’s more than an hour – feeling my way around WordPress, learning about the various configurations of pages, trying different ways to present my posts. I had no conception of the time involved with these “feelings,” but I know I have a lot more to learn.

When I took a break, I was reminded of those hours, those days, those nights of playing interactive fiction games on my amber-screened ITT personal computer in the 80s using 5.25″ floppy discs that had to be switched out in order to do anything properly. Minutes became hours became days stolen, never to be replaced, regenerated, or repaired. Once, having begun a game after dinner, I found myself still trying to achieve the next level the following morning. It was time to get on the commuter train and go to work. And go to work is what I did, albeit without energy, enthusiasm, or consciousness. Weekends disappeared into irreclaimable history, leaving neither meaning nor substance. I vowed never to play computer games again.  My time was too valuable to be sucked into that black hole of lost time.

Enter the 90s. Along came the internet, and I swore I would never spend an exorbitant amount of time just surfing during any one session. I’ve been pretty good at allocating specific blocks of time for that because I’ve come to call it “research.” At the tippy-toes of the new millennium, Facebook and the concept of social networking blossomed, which, I’m happy to report, haven’t moved into OCCUPYJeanne territory.

Now, I’ve stepped gingerly into the blogosphere (not to be confused with the Blagosphere, which in itself would be a waste of anyone’s time).  I’ve decided that blogging, at its most basic, will be an exercise in technology education while I go about my other passions of writing, reading, writing about what I’ve read, and reading about writing. That should keep me busy, but I wonder how strong I’ll be against this new time bandit.

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