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To Those on Both Sides of the Book Removal Issue by Author Ellen Hopkins

Author Ellen Hopkins wrote the best case against the current scourge of book banning. Most, if not all, of her deep dives into the challenges teens face are banned. Why? Because they’re real. There is no sugar coating. There is no topic she refuses to explore. She has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of young adults who needed to read what she has written in book after book. In this essay, she unapologetically stands tall in the case against book banning. Please read, and if you ever face a book banning enthusiast, you’ll be armed with the truth.

The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian

The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian

“God, they’d christened themselves the lions of Hollywood at the wedding, and raised champagne to the idea. The seven of them, minus Katie and David, who were already in Paris, had greeted each other that way, half kidding but also a little smug, when they’d rendezvoused at the airport in L.A. a week later. The movie mags even called them that when they wrote about the safari: the lions of Hollywood.”