Books & Associated Entities

Books, glorious books! There can never be too many books!

Bookstores …

A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

~ Jerry Seinfeld

Books and the eternal mind …

Think what a book is. It is a portion of the eternal mind caught in its process through the world, stamped in an instant, and preserved for eternity.
~ Lord Houghton

For the love of books …

“As a child I felt that books were holy objects, to be caressed, rapturously sniffed and devotedly provided for. I gave my life to them – I still do. I continue to do what I did as a child: dream of books, make books, collect books.” ~ Maurice Sendak

My books!

“And how I felt it beat
Under my pillow, in the morning’s dark,
An hour before the sun would let me read!
My books!”
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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