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Since 2002, I have had the good fortune to read and review books for India Currents Magazine. Most of the books I’ve reviewed for IC have been written by South Asian authors, many of whom unfortunately never enjoy the publicity that the best seller lists provide. In the past 15 years, I’ve learned much from those authors regarding culture, perspective, and globality.

In September 2013, Booklist Magazine, a publication of the American Library Association, hired me to review chapter books, middle grade books, and young adult books. This job has been great fun because today’s books for youth cover absolutely everything imaginable.

And since January 2014, I’ve had the great pleasure to not only serve as a reporter for The Rolesville Buzz but also as the newspaper’s book reviewer. I’ve primarily concentrated on North Carolina authors or books set in North Carolina as the state is teeming with writers of all kinds. UPDATE: Due to editorial restrictions, I’ve pulled my book reviews for the time being.

Construction worker hai
SRK – Construction Worker hai?

The Book Review pages on the site are still
under some measure of construction,
but the links below will take you to the pages:

Adult Fiction | Adult Non-Fiction

India Currents’ Best Ofs | Middle Grade

Short Story Collections

Young & New Adult | Younger Readers

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  1. writermeera says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    I really liked your recent review in India Currents Magazine. Would you be interested in reviewing my novel? It is called My Mother’s Kitchen: A novel with recipes and has won four awards since it was published in 2014. Details can be found on my website:
    I will be happy to mail you a copy of the book if you are interested.
    Thanks for reading this message.
    Meera Klein

    1. Hi Meera –

      The best route is to send a copy to:

      Jaya Padmanabhan, Editor
      India Currents
      2670 S. White Road, Suite 165,
      San Jose, CA

      or you can email her at

      You can tell her you contacted me.

      Thank you for reading India Currents!

      All the best,

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