My Articles

India Currents 30th Anniversary CoverSince I began my association with India Currents magazine in 2002, I’ve had the opportunity to write several articles, all of which center around the arts: Hindi films, books, and trends in literature. In February 2017, I was privileged to turn a book review into a profile of an amazing woman. I am grateful to the seven editors with whom I’ve worked at that thriving and important publication: Vandana Kumar, Ashok Jethanandani , Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan, Vidya Pradhan, Jaya Padmanabhan, Geetika Pathania Jain and now Nirupama Vaidhyanathan.  All of you have shown support for my writing, enriched my life, and welcomed me into your family.

The Rolesville Buzz
In December 2013, I was invited to join the staff of The Rolesville Buzz, a wonderful monthly community newspaper. I’ve had the opportunity to write articles about a wide variety of topics: interesting people, amazing events, and important  community offerings. In March 2015, I became the managing editor of the newspaper as well. I am grateful for Sherwood Bobbitt’s and Kathy Fuerst’s confidence in me and the friendship they’ve given. They always keep me on my toes. One day, I’ll upload my best pieces.


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