Suck It in and Smile by Laurence Beaudoin-Masse

Suck It In and Smile by Laurence Beaudoin-Masse

Gr. 9-12 ***Starred Review*** Ellie, 25, is a top Canadian social-media and YouTube influencer under the handle Quinoa Forever. Her days are consumed by constantly posting pretty pictures and videos of herself eating healthy foods or what she’s wearing, whether that’s her workouts and postworkout snacks, her most important recipes, or snapshots of her life with boyfriend Samuel—a heartthrob singer. Ellie thinks her glamorous life is complete, but living so publicly takes work and tough skin for this once-unpopular girl who was chided for her weight. In the quest to increase her ranking, gain followers, and attract better sponsors, Ellie reluctantly agrees to let her agent pair her with another influencer for a series of posts and videos. To measure up, she finds herself sucking it up and sucking it in more than ever … [Read the full review here]

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