The Emma Project by Sonali Dev

The Emma Project by Sonali Dev

The Raje Family Series Finale: Sexy and Satisfying In a fitting conclusion to her Jane Austen-inspired quartet about The Raje Family, Sonali Dev offers the steamiest entry of the series with her gender-reversing The Emma Project. It overflows with fight, love, humor, and pathos as characters rage, simmer, ignite, and succeed.

Dumped by long-time boyfriend and new California governor, Yash (Crown Prince of the Raje Family), for the serene India Dashwood (Incense and Sensibility), Naina wants nothing to do with any of the Rajes ever again.

Wounded, she focuses solely on her work: purchase land in Nepal, build clinics, train local women to be midwives, and hire doctors who specialize in prenatal and postnatal care. She’s riding high as the recipient of a massive endowment from the rags-to-riches poster boy, philanthropist Jiggy Mehta.

But her high crashes hard when the young, footloose Baby Prince, Vansh Raje, shows up. Rather than attending college, Vansh opted to join the Peace Corps, and now he’s returned home. GQ handsome and barely twenty-six years old, he’s already turning heads—including Jiggy Mehta’s.

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