The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian

The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian

Katie Barstow, an A-list Hollywood actress, wants nothing more than to give her closest friends and family the trip of a lifetime. She wants the trip to be special and without the burden of the Hollywood press and paparazzi.

Following Katie’s marriage in 1964 to her brother’s childhood best friend and a honeymoon in Paris, she gathers her friends for a photo safari on the Serengeti. Her older brother—a psychologist—and his newly pregnant wife. Her closest friend and fellow actress and her screenwriter husband. Her generous publicist. Her protective agent. And a Black actor with whom she’s close despite the blowback their film created.

Her travel agent promises an abundance of pampered travel—ice for their gin and tonics and heated baths provided by the safari crew after long days of soaking up not only the heat but also the beauty and serenity of the Serengeti and its animals, evening sky, silhouettes of trees. Led by an older “Great White Hunter” who runs the safari company and his guides and porters, the nine Americans head off for the sheer adventure of seeing African wildlife and the scenic beauty of the area.

What none of them anticipates is to be kidnapped and split up into groups. None of them expects to witness brutal human deaths or have to fight for their lives. [Read the full review here]

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