Honor by Thrity Umrigar

Honor by Thrity Umrigar

Enduring Love Surmounts Religious Savagery in Thrity Umrigar’s Newest Novel

Reading a novel by Thrity Umrigar is like experiencing a master class in writing and storytelling. Honor, her most powerful novel to date, is no exception, calling out marginalization of a minority and religious tribalism in India, alongside battling the concept of not being able to go home again. 

The word honor in our daily lives operates as a positive one, yet here, honor also becomes a contranym, an antonym of itself, a quirk of the English language not often acknowledged. 

Two stories weave together as tightly as the threads of finest satin—that of the complex Smita Agarwal and the unworldly Meena Mustafa, two women whose dissimilar lives are interrupted by tragedies which, though unrelated, ultimately bind them. In contrast, a beautiful, unyielding love story forms the backbone that offers power against misogyny. [Read the full review here]

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