Over the Falls by Rebecca Hodge

Over the Falls by Rebecca Hodge is the perfect book for readers who crave adventure in nature, love realism in their fiction, and love heart-stopping suspense. Twists and turns are plentiful in this page-turner of a read.

Bryn Collins walked away from a life that pierced her, first following a near-tragic whitewater accident and second when Sawyer, her fiancé, slept with Del, the sister she never forgave. To separate her past from her present, Bryn moved to the mountains in Eastern Tennessee, opting for a quieter, slower-paced life in a picturesque setting.

Her life changes, however, the day her young nephew Josh shows up her doorstep begging for help and followed by a small-time mob-like former acquaintance looking for her sister because, he claims, she owes him money. Allotted a precise amount of time to locate and produce her sister or suffer consequences, Bryn and Josh take a road trip that leads to Colorado. There, Bryn finds what she never expected, must once again face unforgiving whitewater rapids, and is duty-bound to find the courage to restore her family.

As with her debut novel, Wildland (2020), Hodge employs her gift of building and sustaining both psychological and physical in-nature suspense. Her writing grabs the reader, teases with moments of exhalation, and ramps it up again. Being an outdoors enthusiast and a veterinarian, Hodge draws on her own experiences to craft believable settings, well drawn characters, and thrilling situations that make the book an unputdownable adventure.

Over the Falls published September 7, 2021. Rebecca Hodge lives and writes in North Carolina. You can learn more about Rebecca by visiting her web site.

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