Lessons in Fusion by Primrose Madayag Knazan

Gr. 8-12 Sixteen-year-old Sarah (SAH-rah) Dayan-Abad of Winnipeg has her own cooking blog where she showcases her own fusion recipes and those her late, paternal grandmother taught her. While Sarah’s in touch with her Ashkenazi Jewish side, she knows very little of her Filipinx heritage from her mother’s side. When she’s tapped to be a contestant on Cyber Chef, an online cooking competition for food bloggers, she’s pushed to concentrate on her Filipinx background. Instead of consulting her mother, Sarah leans on her aunt Cher, who owns an Asian-fusion tapas restaurant in town. The more she works with Aunt Cher and connects to the Filipinx part of her heritage, Sarah begins to question why her mother left her culture behind…[Read the full review here]

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