Pretty Rude for a Girl by Rebecca Elliott

Gr. 7-11 (Sequel to Pretty Funny for a Girl) Fifteen-year-old comedy novice Haylah Swinton loves her big self, has faith in her standup, and is ecstatic to have her first boyfriend. She kills it at open-mic night—and that’s when absolutely everything falls apart. Her dad, who unceremoniously left the family, shows up in the audience, leaving Haylah flustered and tongue-tied at the end of her set. Her boyfriend hasn’t kissed her yet, leading her to question his motives. Her mother announces that her boyfriend is moving in, and Haylah’s best friends admit they won’t be joining her at school next term. For Haylah, there’s only one thing to do: express her aggravation to her YouTube fans. [Read the full review here]