In Another Light by A. J. Banner

All A.J. Banner novels are page turners. That’s a given; however, In Another Light takes the reader to another dimension of reading excitement.

Phoebe Glassman reconstructs faces for a mortuary and cemetery specializing in green funeral processes. A sculptor by trade, she uses her artistic talent and specialized training to help the living remember their loved ones as they looked in life. The job is perfect for her, having lost her husband and child in a tragic car accident three years before. Phoebe has receded deeper into her grief and aloneness, but when a body is brought in that none of her colleagues wants her to see, her life upends. The corpse looks exactly like Phoebe, and there is little more than a familiar tattoo, an unfamiliar name, and a photo of Phoebe to tell her story.

Phoebe becomes obsessed with needing to know who this woman really is, why she was in her small town, and how she died. Phoebe’s digging takes her out of her comfort zone—not as much by her own free will as by the desperate need to discover the shocking truths no one will tell her (yes, truths, plural—did you think Banner would make it easy?).  What she finds stretches the already-fragile ties that bind her to friends, family, and colleagues, leaving the reader with an ending that shatters expectations. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fast-paced thrillers that keep you guessing.

Banner’s latest thriller will be published October 5, 2021.