The Library of Ever (Book One) by Zeno Alexander

The Library of Ever by Zeno Alexander


The Library of Ever. Zeno Alexander, Author. April 30, 2019. Macmillan. 208 pages.
$16.99 hardcover; also available in digital format. Grades 3-6.

A library, a focused and strong female protagonist, and a series of unusual events … what’s not to love?

We’ve all been there: bored out of our minds as a kid. However, how many of us have had the good fortune to have that ennui turn into a life-changing experience? Despite being eleven years old and bored to death, Leonora discovers a portal into an extraordinary library that is filled with everything in the world—and in some cases, beyond—for there are no limits. Leonora accepts the position as an assistant librarian, and during the book, she travels to worlds unknown, researches hyper-specific information for unlikely patrons, interacts with beings she never knew existed, gains additional librarian titles, and learns that shady and evil people inhabit her world.

The Library of Ever is a love story to libraries and librarians everywhere and a magical adventure in which a young girl discovers the truth, “Knowledge is a light.” Lenora shines just as brightly as that truth and has the smarts to go wherever the facts lead. The Library of Ever is a temple of curiosity in which Leonora fights evil and the Forces of Darkness by uncovering facts and seeking truths, pursuits that are imperative in today’s world.

I’m hooked, and it’s all your fault, Zeno Alexander! I absolutely love Lenora, who reminds me of Kirby Larson’s intrepid Audacity Jones—determined, focused, smart. Is it fantasy? Is it sci-fi? Is it phantasmagoria? With a dash of Snickett, a pinch of Rowling, and a whole bunch of fun in places even Leonora never imagined, there’s abundant adventure and a great setup, sending Lenora on her way in the first book of an exciting new series for young readers.

Book 2, Rebel in the Library of Ever, is scheduled to publish April 28, 2020!

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