Teeny Weenies #1 and #2 by David Lubar

Teeny Weenies 1 - The Intergalactic Petting Zoo and Other Stories
Teeny Weenies 2 - Freestyle Frenzy and Other Stories by David Lubar

Teeny Weenies #1: The Intergalactic Petting Zoo and Other Stories (126 pages)
Teeny Weenies #2: Freestyle Frenzy and Other Stories (122 pages)
David Lubar, Author. Illustrated by Bill Mayer. April 16, 2019. Macmillan Tor/Forge.
$12.99 each hardcover; also available in digital format. Grades 2-5.

Warning: These stories made me laugh out loud over my morning coffee, and spit takes were never so much fun!

David Lubar is the master of writing for kids, including young adult. Middle school librarians and teachers surely are familiar with Lubar’s work, for his Weenies collections always have been hit after hit, flying off the shelves and infiltrating impressionable minds. As of April 16, 2019, younger readers have their own series of sidesplitting short stories to read, complete with Bill Mayer’s amazing Weenie comic book style illustrations.

Teeny Weenies: The Intergalactic Petting Zoo and Other Stories and Teeny Weenies: Freestyle Frenzy and Other Stories are two collections of Weenies stories for younger readers, and Lubar conjures up his magic in a dozen stories in each. Stories include bullying in a community pool (with unexpected consequences); the all-consuming desire to collect hard-to-get items; family vacations with surprising outcomes; an unbelievable father-daughter fishing excursion; a swim meet that isn’t quite on the up-and-up; and an aunt and uncle who are mad scientists.

Both collections appeal to boys and girls and are perfect for chapter book readers, reluctant readers, and anyone who loves wacky, hilarious characters in everything from mundane to fantastic situations.  All stories contain twists and turns and lessons learned with humor and interesting circumstances with tons of giggles and guffaws.

Bottom Line: The collections are excellent for read-alouds and read-togethers with the kidlets, and they’re so clever—so Lubarian—that teeny weeny readers will gobble these up, guaranteed.

Coming September 3, 2019! Teeny Weenies #3: The Boy Who Cried Wool and Teeny Weenies #4: My Favorite President!

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