The Secret of Goldenrod by Jane O’Reilly

secret-of-goldenrod**Starred Review** Gr. 3-6. New Royal, Iowa—population of 397—is convinced that Goldenrod, the abandoned Victorian mansion outside of town, is haunted, because of its tragic history. Almost-11-year-old Trina Maxell is convinced, as well, when she and her handyman father arrive with a year-long contract to make the structure habitable again. However, to Trina, a year in a house is as close to having a permanent home as she’s ever had. Poking around the upstairs rooms, she discovers a dollhouse and Augustine, a century-old talking porcelain doll who becomes her first friend, confidante, and mentor. Trina’s desire to learn the history of Goldenrod helps her uncover the source of the legends and understand what Goldenrod has been trying to tell her. [Read More]