Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas

nowhere-near-you**Starred Review** Gr. 9-12. Electro-sensitive Ollie and eyeless Moritz and his pacemaker return in a sequel that is darker than Because You’ll Never Meet Me (a 2016 Morris Honor Book), and the boys’ affectionate epistolary relationship continues. As Ollie bravely travels out of his Michigan woods to meet other blunderkind, or blunderkids like himself, he is eager yet apprehensive about his mission to write their stories. In Chicago, he meets Arthur, who is bizarrely tall and has regenerative bones that are as brittle as chalk; and in suburban Ohio, he meets Bridget, who removes her heart from her body when she no longer wants to feel. Meanwhile, Moritz bumps into dual-mouthed Molly, who is the most popular actress at Myriad, their creative-arts high school. Ollie and Moritz, in unforgettable and distinct voices, discover worlds they never dreamed they could be part of. [Read More]