Article: 12 Things Only Work-From-Home Writers Understand by Rachel Kolman

Writers Who Work at HomeToo funny, too true. Had to share as I work from home as a writer …

12 Things Only Work-From-Home Writers Understand
Rachel Kolman

Let’s be real: being a full-time writer can be a lonely gig. It’s a lot of long hours staring at a screen and spending more time inside your own head than a therapist would. Writing is a completely individual creative endeavor, where you can be lost in your own little world for hours. And for those that are lucky enough to pay their bills with writing, your “typical” work day is anything but normal. You start at weird hours and might work for 12 hours one day and for two the next. Plus, the lack of coworkers can make you a little stir-crazy. (I suggest a cat. She’s great for inspiring new ideas, like that mid-afternoon nap you two took. Brilliant.)

Don’t get me wrong, wannabe work-from-home writers: it’s lovely to create your own schedule (plus, working from home tends to increase productivity), to not have to count down the hours left in your workday, and to be paid for your ability to write down words and thoughts. But your days can get a little… strange. These 12 things below will show you what I mean [Read More]

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