Carter Oosterhouse

Under Construction but We’re Good

I decided to rip apart most of my previous site and put it back together in a more user-friendly manCarter Oosterhousener and to update it completely. It’s not fully updated, but I’m working on it instead of writing. That being said, I had to put my fiction writing on hold because the web site was driving me absolutely nuts.

Speaking of nuts, my construction worker friends will appear now and again on pages that aren’t complete. Please, guys, don’t be offended 😉  We ladies love great-looking working men. And please don’t be offended if one of these construction workers is on a youth books page under construction. It’s my web site, and they’re helping me get through my updates.


  1. As someone working in a middle school woefully trapped in construction/destruction, I sincerely hope your redesign meets far fewer bugs and delays! I have utmost confidence that you shall prevail!

    1. Thanks, Mary! My “under construction” is merely time consuming. I’m trying to make it more user friendly. The only thing is that there will be so many articles and reviews that won’t pop up as new posts. Please feel free to spend a little time looking on the various pages!

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